Dandy & Co. is based in the Cotswolds, a protected area of outstanding natural beauty in rural south central England.

Reflecting the natural beauty of the area, our ethos from outset was to use ingredients in their most unadulterated and unprocessed form, to create products of the highest quality. Our aim is to provide your body and your home with products that are not only safe, but provide health benefits too.

Whilst you won’t find any lions marauding the Cotswold savannah, you will find many dandelions growing in the beautiful countryside. These wonderful plants provide numerous benefits to skin and hair, which is why we use them in our products. Searching for the wildest, most pollution free spots and then harvesting our dandelions, adds more to our fitness level than it does to our carbon footprint, which makes both us and the environment happy. Similarly, our beeswax is sourced from a farm close to our headquarters. Roberto, bee keeper, supplies us with the most beautiful product; his bees are happy and their wax comes straight to us to be incorporated into our products.

We use the best plant oils in our products. Many of them are organic, vegan and sourced with fair trade and ethical provenance as a priority. We use no nasties; you won’t find mineral oils, parabens, SLS’s, GM ingredients, phthalates, EDTA, DEA, and absolutely no animal testing. In fact we aim to use plants and the ingredients they offer, as much as possible, as nature intended.